May 1st, 2010

What to Wear

The picnic, as we understand the word today, was a Victorian invention. It was the smart thing to do, since the Queen herself was known to enjoy family picnics on her many estates. One theory for the picnic boom was that the rules of etiquette for social events had become so complicated that people just wanted to break away, kick back, and let it all hang out in rural surroundings. So too, do we look forward to relaxing, having fun and spending time with you in the wilds of our backyard!

Part of the fun of our ‘wedding picnic’ will be deviating from the standard norms of wedding dress.  Below are some pictures for inspiration but we encourage you to dress in whatever manner you are most comfortable. In all sincereity – you *cannot* go over the top with this.  Though we encourage you to try.  Ladies in white dresses, as below or any other variety, are very welcome.

A note to our zanier friends:  Though this stands to be the most epic soiree of the early 21st century, For Heaven’s Sake, keep your clothes on - Marrilee’s Granny will be in attendance!